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GLOCALINK Singapore is excited to be a strategic partner of Feed 9 Billion


On Friday, November 29th, 2019, GLOCALINK Singapore (GLOCALINK) attended the “The Good Food Startup Manual: Singapore Edition” Launch Party, at Innovate 360, Singapore. During the event, GLOCALINK Singapore also successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a multi-partner partnership platform termed as Feed 9 Billion, to focus on creating an open innovation platform to promote innovation, sustainability and collaborations within the food ecosystem. Furthermore, the Feed 9 Billion platform also aims to help drive entrepreneurial interest in areas of food technology, food science, food source, food retail & food related businesses.

Representatives from partner companies, who are members of the Feed 9 Billion platform.

Dr Virginia Cha moderated a panel discussion, which focused on the entrepreneurial journey of startups from within the food technology sector. The panelists included Ms Fengru from Turtle Tree labs (a start up that is recreating real milk inside a lab), Mr Ricky Lin from Life3 biotech (a startup that uses natural plant-based ingredients to develop innovative functional foods) Mr Ow Yau Png from Hoow foods (a reformulation AI platform) and Ms Angela Sim from Edible plastic. The panelists spoke about their background & their journey toward opening food tech companies, their interests, their personal motivations & visions for their company, their products, as well as the ethical considerations & challenges they face as a startup within the food tech ecosystem.

Left to Right: Dr. Virginia Cha, Ms. Lin Fengru , Mr. Ricky Lin, Mr. Ow Yau Png & Ms Angela Sim

If you are a deep tech startup in the agri-food tech sector, have a mission to solve real world problems and achieve global happiness, contact us now to explore possible opportunities with us.


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