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Glocalink Singapore hopes to bring more choices in alternative proteins in the market with Singapore based Karana


Glocalink Singapore is proud to announce the first batch of investment included plant based meat startup Karana. Their vision is to bring whole-plant based meats to consumer's tables. Karana brings a new taste of plant-based protein with texture similar to shredded pork. One of the issues for the plant based protein market is the heavy processing and use of chemicals. Karana is able to produce a whole foods plant based meat alternative. In addition, what’s unique is that Karana has decided to go with popular Asian dishes such as dumplings and baos. First product was launched in June 2020. Their technology will also help jackfruits farmers to utilize the fruits without going to waste as many fruits are discarded without fully utilized especially in Sri Lanka. 

“we're very excited about the Glocalink investment and the connections and introductions they can make to the Japanese market. We see a lot of opportunities in Japan but it is a market where we feel that having the right partners and advisors is key, Glocalink unlocks many opportunities for us to build that network. Additionally we appreciate the fund's focus on solving some of the world's most challenging food and agricultural issues, as a Mission driven business it's great to have investors that have a similar world view to ours.  Finally we love the Glocalink team's commitment to leveraging science and technology within the agricultural space.”

By investing in Karana, Glocalink Singapore will also support Karana to explore market opportunities in Japan. Jackfruits are not commonly known fruits in Japan. We probably need to educate the society about the nutritional value of jackfruits and how it has traditionally been used in Southeast Asia. Science based marketing is something Leave a Nest Group is experienced in thus we can support Karana with that aspect. What we want to achieve through start-ups we invest via Glocalink Singapore is to bring alternative choices for healthy living and eating habits to the society.

News release on Karana successful fund raising

Glocalink Singapore founded in Aug. 2019, specializes in supporting pre-seed and seed stage startups in the Food, Agri sector in the Southeast Asia region.


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