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Tackling food waste problems through the power of bio-technology, Soynergy joined the Glocalink Singapore community as the very first investment case.


Glocalink Singapore is proud to announce the first investment, Soynergy which produces Okara probiotic drink through biotechnology out from the National University of Singapore GRIP program. Soynergy is able to deliver live probiotics, dietary fibre, much needed protein and Isoflavones in one drink. Their core technology are in zero waste production with strong R&D teams and IP protected.

In 2019, they were one of the finalists for TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in Singapore 2019. Glocalink Singapore founded in Aug. 2019, specializes in supporting pre-seed and seed stage startups in the Food, Agri sector in the Southeast Asia region.

With mission “To establish a biotechnology platform to transform food by-products into functional foods” Soynergy will bring more sustainable production into food industry from Singapore to other countries.

“Soynergy has the mission of using biotechnology to transform food by-products into plant-based functional foods. With the investment and support from Glocalink Singapore, we hope to bring this solution to food companies in Japan and the region to create a zero-waste food industry.”

By investing in Soynergy, Glocalink Singapore will also support Soynergy to further explore market opportunities in Japan. Food waste is also an issue which needs to be addressed in Japan as well. Glocalink Singapore would like to see if we can bring solutions to different parts of the world with food tech companies from Singapore by localizing and adapting to the needs in each country.

Information on Soynergy


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