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Changing the Way the World Store Renewable Energies


Making insects work for your fish, pets and crops and working for your biomass.


specializes in innovative solutions like Indoor and Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Robots


aiming to provide functional food ingredients that combat obesity

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bringing healthy, clean-label, plant-based meat and seafood to mass market adoption

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revolutionize disease prevention and wellness with personalized probiotics

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 Advancing Sustainable Dairy Alternatives without Compromising Taste

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Vitality Foods

developing plant-based food solutions for the growing silver communities in Asia Pacific

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the world’s first soy wine (Sachi) using a patented fermentation technology

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Insectta, aiming to multiply value within the insect industry through patented biomaterial extraction technology

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Umami Meats

Accelerate Platform Technology in Cultivated Seafood

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Environmental sustainability through innovative biocompatible solution to increase agricultural productivity

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Latheacond Tech

Helping communities who are dependent on food imports to build resilience and zero-waste economies

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Empower small farmers with low cost industrial aquaculture farming capabilities enabled by technology & natural micro-organism

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A biotech company focussing on converting traceable waste into protein, fuel and fertiliser 

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Crown Digital

Crown Digital developed a fully autonomous, AI-powered Robotic Barista, “ELLA”. 

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Working on the issue of food waste & loss with partners in the food service

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Using insect technology to upcycle food residues into pet food and animal feed

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FoodSpot(Klik eat)

Aiming to create a new food culture in Indonesia

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Austrianova Singapore

Developing a “Body Armour” for living-cells that protects, shields and extends the life

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Ira Noah

Producing plant-based burgers to create a guilt-free, healthier convenience food through jackfruits

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Providing a solution that can decompose bioplastic containers and food waste together into fertilizer within 24 hours

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Bringing food safety and quality assurance with AI based food ingredient fingerprinting technology

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Developing nutritious Okara by mixing enzymes that increase soluble fiber

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Commercializing agricultural research and end-products such as Red and White Rice

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Bali Grove (karana)

Jackfruit based alternative meat achieving a sustainable, tasty and healthy food culture for ASIA and the world

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Developing original kobucha brews that has the ability to improve health conditions

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