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GLOCALINK Singapore is excited to be a strategic partner of Feed 9 Billion


On Friday, November 29th, 2019, GLOCALINK Singapore (GLOCALINK) attended the “The Good Food Startup Manual: Singapore Edition” Launch Party, at Innovate 360, Singapore. During the event, GLOCALINK Singapore also successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a multi-partner partnership platform termed as Feed 9 Billion, to focus on creating an open innovation platform to promote innovation, sustainability and collaborations within the food ecosystem. Furthermore, the Feed 9 Billion platform also aims to help drive entrepreneurial interest in areas of food technology, food science, food source, food retail & food related businesses.

Representatives from partner companies, who are members of the Feed 9 Billion platform.

Dr Virginia Cha moderated a panel discussion, which focused on the entrepreneurial journey of startups from within the food technology sector. The panelists included Ms Fengru from Turtle Tree labs (a start up that is recreating real milk inside a lab), Mr Ricky Lin from Life3 biotech (a startup that uses natural plant-based ingredients to develop innovative functional foods) Mr Ow Yau Png from Hoow foods (a reformulation AI platform) and Ms Angela Sim from Edible plastic. The panelists spoke about their background & their journey toward opening food tech companies, their interests, their personal motivations & visions for their company, their products, as well as the ethical considerations & challenges they face as a startup within the food tech ecosystem.

Left to Right: Dr. Virginia Cha, Ms. Lin Fengru , Mr. Ricky Lin, Mr. Ow Yau Png & Ms Angela Sim

If you are a deep tech startup in the agri-food tech sector, have a mission to solve real world problems and achieve global happiness, contact us now to explore possible opportunities with us.

GLOCALINK singapore participated in TECH VENTURE MEETUP 2019, Singapore


GLOCALINK Singapore (GLOCALINK), is a Singapore-based company, with a mission to tackle global issues related to food security, safety, food waste, nutrition and sustainable agriculture. GLOCALINK invests in innovative early-stage agriculture and food tech startups led by passionate individuals, with scalable & differentiated business models, all across Southeast Asia (SEA). Towards achieving its mission, on the 23rd of November, GLOCALINK participated in the TECH VENTURE MEETUP 2019 in Singapore, that was organised by Leave a Nest Singapore Private Ltd.

TECH VENTURE MEETUP is a unique platform that brings together Japanese corporates and venture capitalists to meet deep tech start-ups with some initial success and the intention to expand their business secure additional support in the form of investments. Furthermore, the platforms allow both start-ups and corporates to leverage on each other’s strengths and tap into mutual networks.

Mr. Daiki Kumamoto making the opening presentation about Germi8

During this years’ TECH VENTURE MEETUP, GLOCALINK was represented by its growth manager,

Mr Daiki Kumamoto. GLOCALINK was honoured to be given the opportunity to make the opening presentation ahead of the Panel discussion, discussing “Food and Healthcare: Future Food & How We Define Healthy Living in the Coming Era”. Mr Kumamoto in his presentation introduced GLOCALINK, its origin, the founders and their vision as well as the investment themes. Furthermore, Mr Kumamoto discussed the potential needs and significance for Singapore-based agri-food tech start-ups, in entering and doing business in Japan.

Left to Right: Dr. Virginia Cha, Dr. Fukuda, Ms. Isabelle Decitre, Dr. Brian Salmons, Mr. Daiki Kumamoto

The panel made up of , Dr. Shinji Fukuda (Metabologenomics Inc.), Ms. Isabelle Decitre (ID capital Pte. Ltd.), Dr. Brian Salmons (Founder, CEO and President AustriaNova Pte. Ltd.), Mr. Daiki Kumamoto (Growth Manager, GLOCALINK Singpore) was moderated by Dr. Virginia Cha (Prof.-in-Residence, Platform E), and was extremely engaging & thought provoking. The panel discussed about the possible forms of future food that may be available for human consumption within the next ten years. Topics such as perception of the general public towards engineered meat, plant-based meat or full-course medications were also discussed.

The TECH VENTURE MEETUP Singapore, also featured interesting startups in the Agri & food tech ecosystem, namely

  1. Soyenergy Pte Ltd- a startup the converts okara into vegan okara probiotic drink.

  2. Ira Noah LPP (formerly known as Biotrampil) – a startup, involved in creating plant based (jackfruit) meat.

  3. Pro-Health Water Technologies Pte Ltd – a start up involved in converting tap water to mineral water by using proprietary technologies.

  4. Probicient Pte Ltd – a startup, creating beer containing live probiotics.

  5. Insectta Pte Ltd – a startup involved in extracting high value biomaterials from black soldier fly larvae.

Dr. Kengo Suzuki, co-founder of euglena & Germi8 enjoying jackfruit based patties made by Ira Noah LPP

If you are a deep tech startup, in the agri-food tech sector, with the mission to solve real world problems and achieve global happiness, please contact us now!

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GLOCALINK Singapore. DECEMBER 3, 2019

Leave a Nest, FocusTech Ventures, Kobashi Industries and euglena, launches Germi8 Pte. Ltd., an agri-food focused private investment firm in Southeast Asia


Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Dr. Yukihiro Maru) and FocusTech Ventures Pte. Ltd. (Headquarter: Singapore, Representative: Mr. Kelvin Ong) collaborate with Kobashi Industries Co., Ltd. (Headquarter : Okayama, Representative: Mr. Shojiro Kobashi), and euglena Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Tokyo, Representative: Mr. Mitsuru Izumo) to establish Germi8 Pte. Ltd. in Singapore to invest in agri-food startups across Southeast Asia.

Since early 2018, the FoodInnovate initiative is formed by several Singapore government agencies to advance the agri-food sector and strengthen its support structure for startups.

Leave a Nest Singapore Pte. Ltd. was established in 2010 as the leading deep tech innovation platform in Southeast Asia. Since 2014, the company’s flagship programme, TECH PLANTER has been expanding rapidly across ASEAN with the aim to discover and nurture startups from deep science and technology. As of August 2019, a total of 568 teams have participated within its ecosystem – one of the largest in Asia – which includes 186 incorporated companies. Agri-food tech sector participants accounted for over 25% and the number is growing year on year.

FocusTech Ventures, a Singaporean-based private investment firm, began supporting TECH PLANTER ASEAN since 2014 and strengthened its relationship with a strategic alliance with Leave a Nest in February 2018 to jointly support the cross pollination of deep tech startups between Japan and Southeast Asian ecosystems through their strategic capital and networks.

Agri-food innovation solves some of the most pressing problems in our world today – climate change, sustainability of food supply and environmental issues among others. This is the primary reason why FocusTech Ventures and Leave a Nest decided to establish Germi8 in collaboration with Kobashi Industries, Japan’s top agricultural machinery manufacturer and distributor, as well as euglena, the leading light of Japanese biotechnology.

With the aim of new business and value creation across the agricultural value chain, Kobashi Industries has discovered a wide range of agricultural issues and opportunities in Southeast Asia, which prompted their strategic business alliance with Leave a Nest in January 2018.

euglena Co., Ltd. on the other hand, participated in the research laboratory Nest-Bio Venture Lab, established in January 2019 in collaboration with the Leave a Nest Group and the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, to focus on the discovery of new research seeds.

Moving forward, Germi8 will leverage on the complementary strengths of each company to provide agri-food startups with the right capital, expertise and connections to take root from Singapore and thrive towards other Southeast Asian markets as well as Japan. Germi8 plans to invest approximately 100 million yen in about 20 projects over the next three years.

<About Germi8 Pte. Ltd.>
Company name: Germi8 Pte. Ltd.
Location: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #05-25 [email protected], Singapore 569139
Representative: Director, Mr. Kelvin Ong
Date of establishment: 8th August, 2019
Mission: Help Ideas Take Root and Thrive
Business line: Agri-food startup investment in Southeast Asia
URL: https://www.germi8.com

◆ About FocusTech Ventures Pte. Ltd.
Headquarter location: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #05-25 [email protected], Singapore 569139
Representative: CEO, Mr. Kelvin Ong
Business line: Private investment firm focused on seed stage startups
URL: http://www.focustechventures.com/

◆ About Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
Headquarter location: Iidabasimiyuki Bld.5F, 1-4, Shimomiyabicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0822, Japan

Representative: Founder and Group CEO, Dr. Yukihiro Maru
Business line: Knowledge manufacturing, Education in science and technology, human resource development, research and development, startup support, new business creation, etc.
URL: https://global.lne.st

◆ About Kobashi Industries Co., Ltd.
Headquarter location : 684, Nakaune, Minami-ku, Okayama City,  701-0292 Japan
Representative: CEO, Mr. Shojiro Kohashi
Business line: Manufacture and sale of agricultural machinery and parts, including cultivating nails, tractor rotation, tractor substitute raking machines, and vegetable harvesting machines.
URL: http://kobashiindustries.com/

◆ About euglena Co., Ltd.
Headquarter location: G-BASE Tamachi 2nd and 3rd floor 5-29-11 Shiba Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0014, Japan
Representative: CEO, Mr. Mitsuru Izumo
Business line: R&D for euglena and other micro algae, production of food and cosmetics, biofuel technology development, technology development in environment and biotechnology
URL: https://www.euglena.jp