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Glocalink Singapore invests in Malaysia-based start-up; Life Origin, a biotech company focussing on converting traceable waste into protein, fuel and fertiliser


Glocalink Singapore Pte. Ltd.(Director: Dr. Ravikrishna Ramanujam)(hereinafter referred to as “Glocalink”) has invested in Malaysia-based start-up, Life Origin Sdn. Bhd.(Founder: Mr. Sio Chun Jia, hereinafter referred to as “Life Origin”) Life Origin converts traceable selection of organic waste into sustainable quality insect protein, biofuels and fertiliser using black soldier fly larvae.

It is a well-known fact that current practices employed by humans in agriculture and farming are unsustainable and not good for the environment. Food producers around the world are now looking for alternative sources of protein to sustain the growth of poultry and aquaculture farming industry. With the world shifting towards reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and achieving carbon neutrality to fight climate change, Life Origin takes on these global challenges and rethinks about these problems in a local contexts and solve them. With the strongly belief that black soldier flies hold immense potential and present the most sustainable option to solve these global issues, Mr. Sio started breeding black soldier fly larvae (BSFL)  3 years ago. 

Food for humans and pets and clean fuels 

Life Origin produces quality and sustainable pet products and supplements from Black Soldier Fly Larvae that converts organic waste into sustainable protein, oil and fertiliser. The larvae are cultivated indoor with controlled climate and proprietary technology and know-how to ensure optimum growth and nutrition output of the larvae. The larvae are cultivated and bred using traceable pre-consumer material and organic wastes.  Additionally, Life Origin is also currently working with universities food science research department on food development projects using the larvae protein to develop into meat alternatives. With emphasis on quality breeding processes and hygiene, the company is making sure that the protein is of very high quality and ready for human consumption in future. 

With further development and research on the insect oil applications, the company hopes to establish an alternate route for insect oils to be utilised as biofuel. The company is currently working on pilots and hopes to go into full production in 2023. 

With the investments, Life Origin hopes to focus on optimising processes, scaling up and analysing data to implement additional automation towards meeting the anticipated demand of insect protein in the future.

Dr Ravikrishna Ramanujam, Director of Glocalink Singapore said, “We are really excited to support Life Orign Sdn Bhd. This investment is the fourth in Malaysia and cements our belief in innovative solutions coming out from Malaysia directed towards solving global issues using local tech and infrastructure. Through continuous research & development,  Life Origin has developed proprietary processes with distinct advantages that we hope can address the future need for not only clean proteins (i.e., hygienic and traceable) but also fuels”.

About Life Origin

Life Origin is an biotech company that produce quality insect protein biofuel and organic fertiliser from Black Soldier Fly larvae. Life Origin positions itself as an integrated black soldier fly larvae producer that converts waste to marketable end products for the small animals and pet market. Insect oil are being developed to address needs in the  energy and pharmaceutical sectors. 

Life Origin participated TECH PLANTER Malaysia 2019 demo day organised by Leave a Nest Malaysia. Since then, as an alumni of TECH PLANTER program, Life Origin receives great support and learning on showcasing Life Origin into South East Asia region insect industry and the Japanese market that possess great opportunities. 

About Glocalink Singapore

Glocalink Singapore, is a Agri food-tech focussed investment company with a vision to solve the most pressing problems in food security & advance the future of food and agriculture. Glocalink aims to do this by supporting & investing in early stage startups with innovative technologies to not only solve local issues but can be further developed and implemented to solve global challenges. 

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