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Glocalink Singapore Invested in Singapore based company Austrianova, a company to bring solution through original encapsulation technology


Glocalink Singapore is proud to announce the first batch of investment includedAustrianova who has technology which can be applied in both food and agri tech. Their technology allows them to deliver active components to target utilizing unique encapsulation technology. Austrianova was the finalist in TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in 2020. After joining the DEMO DAY, Austria Nova is currently joining ESG GIA program to explore Japan Market with Leave a Nest Singapore. Austrianova has two technologies, Cell-in-a-Box and Bac-in-a-Box. Leave a Nest and Glocalink Singapore are particularly interested in the agricultural and food tech aspects of Austrianova’s Bac-in-a-Box technology. Bac-in-a-Box is an encapsulation technology based on a derivative of a natural and sustainable polymer cellulose. The unique protective effects of Bac-in-a-Box are two fold (i) it protects bacteria and yeast from stomach acid so that lower, more cost effective doses are needed to achieve better beneficial effects and (ii) it allows storage of bacteria and yeast at room temperature with better shelf life. The advantages of Bac-in-a-Box can be applied to the delivery of probiotics, live oral vaccines and fecal microbiota transplantation (bacteriotherapy) using defined, proven therapeutic members of the microbiota.”

“Austrianova welcomes this strategic investment by Glocalink Singapore (formerly Germi8) and Leave a Nest Singapore, we welcome both on board. The investment has already supported Austrianova’s entry into the Japanese market and collaboration with Japanese companies and will continue to do so.”  

By investing in Austrianova, Glocalink Singapore will also support Austria Nova to further explore market opportunities in Japan. This is possible due to the members of Glocalink Singapore which consist of Japanese Bio startup, euglena Co., Ltd., Agriculture experts from Kobashi Industries Co., Ltd. and Leave a Nest group. Each party is able to provide support in different areas to allow Austrianova to explore opportunities in the Japan Market.

 “Both Leave a Nest and Glocalink Singapore are extremely competent, hard working and passionate in all of their endeavours and we look forward to future successes”.


Glocalink Singapore founded in Aug. 2019, specializes in supporting pre-seed and seed stage startups in the Food, Agri sector in the Southeast Asia region.


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