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Food Technology company Kombynation Co.,, which can bring healthy lifestyle has joined our ecosytem via Innovation360 network


Glocalink Singapore is proud to announce the first batch of investment included Kombynation Co. who has technology which can bring healthier living with food technology. More and more people are looking for alternatives to eat and live healthy nowadays. However, we also want to enjoy what we eat. Kombynation Co., allows that to happen with their technology to bring tasty Kombucha to your home. Drinks are brewed with careful combination and knowledge with fermented teas and superfruits to bring full health benefits.


“Glocalink Singapore’s investment in Kombynation Co. was crucial in aiding Kombynation Co.’s goal to bring delicious, gut healthy fermented beverages to more consumers in Singapore and beyond. I am looking forward to exploring potential synergies to grow with Glocalink Singapore, in terms of both gut health research and Japan market penetration, together with the team of experts and established startups in the Glocalink ecosystem.”


Glocalink Singapore founded in Aug. 2019, specializes in supporting pre-seed and seed stage startups in the Food, Agri sector in the Southeast Asia region. We work closely with local Food & Agri Tech startup ecosystem builders. This time we were able to learn about Kombynation Co., through our friends at Innovate360. Together we hope to bring Kombynation products to more people in Southeast Asia and Japan.

By investing in Kombynation Co., Glocalink Singapore will also support Kombynation Co. to further explore market opportunities in Japan. This is possible due to the members of Glocalink Singapore which consist of Japanese Bio startup, euglena, Agriculture experts from Kobashi industries and Leave a Nest group. As euglena also has a lineup of functional drinks, there may be possible collaboration in the future. Each party is able to provide support in different areas to allow Kombynation Co., to explore opportunities in the Japan Market.



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