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Glocalink Singapore invested in SGProtein, bringing healthy, clean-label, plant-based meat and seafood to mass market adoption


Boosting the growth of the Singapore’s plant-based ecosystem with additional funding.

Glocalink Singapore Pte. Ltd (GLSG, Director: Dr. Ravikrishna Ramanujam) has invested in Singapore-registered startup SGProtein Pte. Ltd. (Founders: Dominique Kull, Dr. Riccarda Zuellig, Dr. Tom Ludescher). 

SGProtein’s founders are well-established entrepreneurs and industry professionals in scalable novel food technologies, focusing on bringing food innovation to mass market adoption. 

SGProtein’s vision and mission is to make healthy, clean-label, plant-based meat and seafood alternatives the “new normal” in people's everyday diets. This mission fits the overall ambition of Glocalink to support concepts and technologies to fight lifestyle-born global health challenges, including diabetes type 2 and obesity. SGProtein’s in-depth expertise and IP in biostructuring plant-based proteins and scaling up the production of novel functional food solutions to a large industrial scale will accelerate mass market adoption of healthier and more sustainable food. SGProtein’s range of nutrient-rich white-label and private-label products empower consumers to a healthier everyday diet. Further enhanced with added functional food ingredients, the fortified clean-label products will target specific nutritional, structure, functionality and health aspects.  

Following the launch of SGProtein in early 2021 as the region’s largest high-moisture extrusion manufacturing platform for plant-based meat and seafood alternatives, SGProtein has since grown into an essential member of Singapore’s alternative protein ecosystem. As a scaling-up partner for innovative novel food technology startups and for MNC’s aiming for a regional production of their product range with an improved carbon footprint, SGProtein is an industry platform and enabler with global reach, leveraging on its capacity of up to 12’000 tons of plant-based meat a year out of its Singapore-based manufacturing hub. Exporting today to markets in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, SGProtein has grown beyond its 30 by 30 role in Singapore and has become a driving force for making clean-label plant-based meat and seafood alternatives ready for the mass markets. 

SGProtein’s product range of meat and seafood alternatives particularly caters to Asian cuisine and taste, allowing everyone to transition to a healthier diet without fundamentally adjusting their eating habits and lifestyles. The products are on par regarding protein content, texture, taste and cost, yet come without the strings attached to conventional meats and seafood, such as cholesterol, antibiotics or growth hormones. With just four natural ingredients in its base-product formulas, SGProtein provides a simple recipe for everyone’s daily protein and fibre intake without compromising on taste or giving up on loved eating habits. This is particularly relevant for consumer groups with special dietary needs, such as children and the elderly, who often struggle to adjust lifestyles for a healthier diet.

As a food technology industry leader, co-founder and CEO of SGProtein, Dominique Kull, aims for further expansion from Singapore into the region: “SGProtein delivers on function, texture and taste of plant-based meat and seafood alternatives, with a. price set for mass market adaptation; this allows us to not only address high-cost countries such as Singapore, Japan or Korea, but also developing, yet massive scale markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam or India.” On the collaboration with Glocalink, Mr Kull adds: “Together with Glocalink Singapore and our growing numbers of expansion partners in the region, we will continue to collaborate with industry partners to create clean-label functional food solutions that will help people to live longer, healthier and happier lives.” 

About SGProtein

Founded by food tech industry leaders and entrepreneurs, SGProtein is the region’s largest manufacturing platform for plant-based meat and seafood alternatives, leveraging on biostructuring through high-moisture extrusion and other novel food technologies. With its vision and mission to make clean-label functional foods ready for mass market adoption, SGProtein is at the forefront of bringing the healthier choice to everyone’s plate, every day. With this, SGProtein contributes to a healthier world where we still enjoy the food we love without the strings and health issues attached. SGProtein follows a collaborative model and partners with industry stakeholders of the plant-based food value chain, aiming at making healthier food innovation scalable and affordable.  

About Glocalink Singapore

Glocalink Singapore is an Agri food-tech focussed investment company with a vision to solve the most pressing problems in food security & advance the future of food and agriculture. Glocalink aims to do this by supporting & investing in early stage startups with innovative technologies to not only solve local issues but can be further developed and implemented to solve global challenges.

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